Dr. Willi Korte was made an honorary citizen of Quedlinburg.

Christie's now has firm guidelines for dealing with Nazi Era Art Restitution Issues.  "Our team is committed to promoting clear and transparent procedures for dealing with provenance issues and ownership claims from the Nazi-era, including taking reasonable and appropriate steps to prevent stolen objects from circulating in the art market and, in particular, resolving Nazi-era provenance issues before offering objects for sale.

Christie’s works in the spirit of international principles on handling spoliated art. Where concerns are identified or claims received for works of art consigned to Christie’s, we are committed to seeking fair and just resolutions. Acting as facilitators, our aim is to bring about productive and open dialogue and to help claimants and claim recipients to make considered and prompt decisions. To this end, Christie’s has developed our own set of guidelines for current holders and claimants to help make the claims process clear and accessible."